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Kalari is a martial and healing art form from India which evolved alongside Yoga and Ayurveda and which shares elements of both.

The practice is physically demanding but we start from wherever you are. Class always begins with centring/prayer. Then lohas (warm-ups) which strengthen and energise the body. Then kicks, which are flexibility, strength and endurance. Followed by form (a series of movements), which connects us to the universal elements of expansion, contraction, feminine, masculine and such. And finally weapons, which require pure focus. Or you get hit in the head!

Kalari is moving meditation. Within the art we find everything we need to practice awareness, gain strength, bring energy, and develop flexibility – in both physical and mental form.

The lineage of Kalari which we will be learning is handed down to us from Gurukkal C. Muhammed Sherif from Kerala Kalarippayat Academy in India: http://www.kalarippayatacademy.com/profile.html

Kalari Australia, and the workshops at Point A, are led by Alana. This video produced by Alana will give you a good introduction:


Kalari Workshops

The Kalari workshops have moved to Soul Capoeira! For information regarding their classes, please refer to their websites and facebook pages.







Alana at; info@kalariaustralia.com.au



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