Parkour Fundamentals Courses. Beginners Parkour indoors

Fundamentals will introduce any beginner to the world of Parkour in a progressive program designed to cover all the major movements and skills involved while remaining inside Point A. After you finish the 6 weeks we have several options for further learning, however you will also be equipped to continue training independently. We aren’t here to build a customer base, we’re here to build a strong Parkour community! The classes are taught by Australian Parkour Association qualified instructors who are members of the South Australian Parkour Association.

The 6 classes will run Thursdays 5:45-7:45pm. The cost will be $80 for the full 6 weeks. Places are limited in each course, but we anticipate running new courses back to back as each one finishes.

Book your place via – or get in touch via Facebook or Phone. Check the News section for any announcements of upcoming dates, but you can be reasonable confident a course will be beginning 6 weeks after the last announced date.

Point A Empty

The Point A training warehouse

Unfortunately we aren’t accepting Kids (under 12) in Fundamentals – but we are developing specific classes and training gear for the young folks. We work great with ages 15-50 for this course. Head here for kids Parkour classes in Adelaide.

For more general information: Parkour and Freerunning at Point A. We also have an interactive timetable of everything happening in our Movement Culture warehouse.



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