Point A is a community training warehouse in the Adelaide city for what we call Movement Culture. We have open training, classes of many different types, one-off workshops, and you can hire the space for your own thing. Check out our timetable for an overview.

COVID-19 Status:

We are now closed. We survived the COVID lockdowns etc – however due the the pandemic the landlord sold the property and the new owner has evicted us. What happens next is unclear but most of the groups and communities will continue in some capacity, so keep in touch with them directly! You can still contact us directly for inquiries about finding training, Movement Culture, etc.

Movement Culture?

It’s a phrase we made up. It’s an attempt to describe the thread that connects many groups, disciplines, or random people who are on the fringes of ‘sport’ ‘fitness’ and ‘lifestyles’. Movement Cultures are developed, often informally, around physical activities that are undertaken for the pure reason that they are enjoyable and rewarding in and of themselves. We passionately believe society needs Movement Cultures and the concept is largely missing and unrecognised in our experiences with people as well as organisations and government.

Primarily, Movement Cultures are fun. That’s why people start – and that’s the foot in the door to all the other benefits they bring. As a person immerses themselves they will grow with the experiences and find many benefits. At the very least, it’s a great way to get people off their asses and out doing something. Sedentary lifestyles, obesity, poor nutrition, depression, pent up anger, lack of wholesome social interaction and far more are all up for improvement by becoming engaged.

If you want to join, get in touch with the specific group using Point A you wish to train with, or you can always just contact us! We post more updates and notices via our Facebook page (and we’re on Instagram and Twitter).