Movement. Culture. A new home in Adelaide for emerging activities, disciplines, and groups.


Travis (aka TJ) has been training Parkour in Adelaide since the scene began, since 2006. President of the South Australian Parkour Association and head Parkour instructor in Adelaide.



Statement of Purpose:

In PDF form: Statement of Purpose.

  • To provide a home and space for the use of culturally rich movement based groups.
  • To provide a safe learning environment for all participants.
  • Act ethically, honestly and with utmost integrity with respect to the art forms and disciplines we are involved with.
  • To promote and propagate awareness and knowledge in Adelaide centered around wholesome, healthy and active lifestyles (both physically and intellectually).
  • To make accessible and create opportunities for new and upcoming movement based cultures.
  • To provide the opportunity for individuals and organisations to learn about and participate in these activities.
  • To be known and respected as a driving and innovative force for the promotion of beneficial and meaningful movement based cultures and activities.
  • To build and foster a network and culture of like minded people.
  • To be involved in and create a positive impact with local communities.
  • Enable personal growth, learning, self improvement, and positive change whenever possible through the above.
  • To survive, thrive, and enjoy.

Announcement of Point A [PDF]