Open Warehouse

Last regular session – Friday 23rd December

Holiday Open Warehouse – Wednesday 28th, 10am till 8pm – ONE ONLY!

Resumes on Wednesday 4th, but a new schedule of regular times will be announced.

Private Sessions / Bookings

Continuing. Get in touch if you would like to book a session – personal training, group session, or just venue hire for you and your friends/community

More availability than usual, so a good chance.


All classes on holiday break from the 21st December.

Return Dates:

Tumbling Jan 10th / 15th
Shaolin Kung Fu Jan 10th
Zigzag Circus Acro Jan 11th
Parkour Classes Jan 19th
Zigzag Circus Aerial Jan 15th
Firespinning Feb 4th / 5th
Kickboxing/Fitness From Jan 7th


Get in touch if you have any questions or want to enrol, we’ll still be manning the communication channels most of the time.

Thanks everyone for a great 2016!