Handstand Workshop – Dan Aubin, Daring Humans

Saturday, 1 September 2018 from 10:00-13:00

A guided adventure into the world of handstand training. Dan Aubin attacks handstands from all angles: awareness, alignment, endurance, balance, control, strength, flexibility and creativity. He has been a practitioner, coach, director and lecturer in gymnastics, circus, stunts, theater and communication for 25 years. His former students are working with companies such as CIRCA, Gravity and Other Myths, Circus Oz, Dragone Delta Gymnastics and Cirque du Soleil.

Suitable for beginners, but experienced players will definitely still be challenged.

Booking info: www.daringhumans.com/workshop-tickets/ or call Dan on 0413 460 954. 20 places only.

From Dan:
“The art of hand balancing is an ancient practice engaged by bodybuilders, yogis, healers, gymnasts, acrobats and circus performers of all kinds. The benefits of turning yourself upside-down are far-reaching. Handstands develop strength, flexibility, balance, awareness, confidence and release a sense of achievement and play. They also make you more attractive… that’s how I met my wife.

Handstands are simple, once you know how. This workshop will clearly and safely walk you through concepts and key drills that develop the foundations of alignment, endurance, arriving, adjusting, and transitioning.

No experience necessary. This workshop is also excellent for coaches looking to develop their teaching craft.”