Acrobatics + Tumbling

Our Acrobatics and Tumbling course consists of 6 workshops over 6 weeks.

Meet our acro instructor Josh, and check out his tumbling skills:

Beginner Acrobatics Course Details

The course is aimed at1010915_10151458542046497_1454827373_n the absolute beginner, so don’t be afraid to come and learn something new. Even if you think you are ‘unfit’ or ‘uncoordinated’ – that won’t change until you find a fun way to start tackling it! If you have ever wanted to learn how to backsault, frontsault, handspring or even need a hand learning how to cartwheel, this is the perfect opportunity to come and learn some acrobatics foundations. It will also be suitable for intermediate people, as we work through the ‘progressions’ for each movement quite quickly – you can keep practising the easy version, or move ahead to the harder ones once things are working. Josh’s coaching will help you clean up and get more power from any skills you have self-taught. Point A has all the equipment necessary to provide a safe environment to learn all of these movements, including padded flooring and several ‘crash mats’ – plus we ‘spot’ each-other a lot (spotting is where someone else lends a helping hand as you attempt a movement).

The main skills covered are: frontsault (frontflip), backsault (backflip), front handspring, back handspring, cartwheel, and aerial. Along the way you’ll work through forward and backward rolls, and some handstand basics too.

Times and Costs

Adults – Tuesdays 5:45-7:30pm
Teens – Sundays 2:30-4pm
Course cost is $100 for the entire 6 weeks.

Continuers – Sundays 4-5:30pm
Continuers is open to anyone who’s done a course, or has enough other tumbling experience. Come and work on your skills with Josh there to teach, guide, and provide feedback. You can choose/ask what you want to work on, and people can be drilling different things (space/equipment permitting).
Casual visits at $15 or 6 class ‘term’ blocks at $80

Josh is also available for private coaching.

Sign Up

To ensure everyone gets enough individual teaching attention, we do limit the spaces available in each round. Due to the complicated nature of building the skills and the necessity of teaching the progressions of each movement, the beginner courses will not be open to casual visitors.

If you are interested – email us at [email protected] (or fill out the form on our contact page) to get your name on the waiting list.

Can’t wait to see you all.

The Point A team.

13 thoughts on “Acrobatics + Tumbling

  1. when is the next workshop ? in July?

    1. Starting July 2 🙂

  2. Do you still run this course?

    1. We’re on a break while Andrew travels for some stunt work and training. Resuming October all things going to plan.

  3. Just wondering how much it is to become a member?

    1. You don’t need to become a member to do classes such as the Acrobatics 🙂

  4. When does the next course start, please?

    1. We’re on a break while Andrew travels for some stunt work and training. Resuming October all things going to plan.

  5. Well, it is 11th of October now, any news on what is going on here?

    1. See our page edits for the current news 🙂

  6. Is there any age limit?

    1. We break the groups up into the Teens class and Adults class, no strict line between the two.
      Teens we have had kids as young as 10 participate, but it’s better from about 13yo unless they have experience in something else.

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