This page is a collection of media that somehow is relevant to Point A. Some will be our own videos, while many are things shot by groups that are part of Point A, or visitors filming their own stuff.

If you have something to add – send us a link and one sentence description! We’d love to see it.

This short doco was made by a couple of year 12 students – all the interviews were candid but the end product was quite impressive – especially for a school assignment. This will give you a decent intro to what Point A is about:

Video of our ‘Movement Culture Festival’ in Jan 2013. This shows many groups from Point A and was our ‘launch party’.

The Parkour and Freerunning team put on a big demo at Henley Square for ‘Ride Against Stigma’ in Sept 2013. This video is a great one to introduce the movements, the gear that lives at Point A, and the vibe of the community.

Many of the different movers at Point A were involved in a music video shoot for local producer Robb Sonykc and his track ‘Serkl-Werk’. Info here.

This is an old demo reel of Parkour and Freerunning when Point A was still being established

A brief glance at what our fire spinning instructors have to offer

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