Movement Culture Festival 2013

EDIT: Video is out!

Landing page for the 2013 Movement Culture Festival. The primary purpose of this little page is to link everyone who is involved in the festival so you can connect with them. Bookmark this or save it so you can come back later if you need. The rest of our website is still a bit flimsy, so please be gentle. We do have a Point A Classes Timetable up though.

To subscribe to a festival follow-up email and debrief  (plus links to pictures etc) head here: Subscribe. You can also email us – for general queries, to send us media from the night, or to send us lots of money so we can afford the rent.

Our facebook is

Now, to the list:

Point A Training Groups

South Australian Parkour Association

Also the central point for the Freerunning community. Responsible for the scaffolding and that general area. Key part of Point A, and “Parkour people” are the main users of the space in open training times. For information on Parkour classes at Point A see the Parkour and Freerunning page.

Personal Training

Nathan runs Personal Training sessions on booking. Qualified PT, experienced in Capoeira, martial arts, acrobatics, weights, and more. or Contact us.

Sarvata Yoga

Currently running weekly Wednesday afternoon Yoga classes – but Dan is looking to add more times too.

Sarvata Yoga Facebook.

Zig-Zag Circus

Stilts and other crazy things today. At Point A they train Circus acrobatics – lifting and balancing people plus the aerial yoga.

FB Group:


Yet Chia Kung Fu

Weekly Monday night classes. Your best bet is to just rock up to a class a bit early, however we can put you in touch via phone if you contact us.


You may have caught these guys busting in to the middle of the crowd with their intense dance. ‘Lab’ sessons at Point A on Thursday afternoons each fortnight run by Intrumz and fam.

Facebook group for Krumpers in Adelaide:

Other Movers

Fire Spinning

Bike Polo

Also – an intertwined group of legends worth supporting – Adelaide Bike Kitchen


The bar is being run by awesome volunteers. Many of whom came out of nowhere and offered to help and several are also long-time friends.

Other food and drinks by the great;

La Cantina Co –

Party in a Box –

VW Bars –

Tunes broadcast from a Rundle St studio 12 hours a day LIVE. They also rock up and support a lot of events and club nights. They came down VOLUNTEER today with all the GEAR too. Massive thanks to them and particularly Adam.

Check out – and hit their Facebook:



We would also like to thank everyone else who helped bring the night together. Those who shared the event amongst their networks or helped us in planning or running.

Thanks to Splash Adelaide for the street closure – – and to Lord Mayor Yarwood for being awesome.

Thanks to our landlords Karidis Corp and particularly Brendan Geen.

Thanks to the people who park on the street for putting up with us trying to have fun.

Thanks to YOU for being part of this!


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