Video for Movement Culture Festival

Shot by Precede Pictures, here’s the video for the Movement Festival that we put together in January.

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Video Description:
Jan 25th saw Adelaide (Australia’s?) first festival celebrating Movement Culture. The street party at grass-roots training/community venue ‘Point A’ in the CBD featured demonstrations from a range of movement based groups from around Adelaide – plus music, food, and drinks.

Demonstrations included; Parkour + Freerunning, Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Circus (stilts), Krump, Bike Polo, Fire spinning, Capoeira, Batucada (drumming), Tricking, Swing dance, and several entirely impromptu things like hula-hoop workshops.

For training, workshops, personal training, or venue hire, contact Point A: |
A full listing of those involved in the event can be found on our website:

Movement Culture Festival 2013

Extra thanks to Splash Adelaide,, our volunteers, and all the groups who made the event amazing.

Energy was high and there was an amazing feel to the whole day. A massive thank you to Adelaide for turning out in force (at least 600 people) despite many other events (including the Big Day Out) being on at the same time.

Let us know if you are keen for another party!

To see more Parkour + Freerunning in Adelaide check out the full video from the long weekend:

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