Emmet Louis – Flexibility Masterclasses Adelaide

Emmet Louis is coming to Adelaide to teach two flexibility master classes in Point A on the 5th and 6th of December!

With his students, Emmet keeps proving that with the deliberate mix of well thought out methods, exceptional flexibility and mobility are achievable for adults with all kinds of training backgrounds. In these classes he will focus on presenting his approach to building flexibility and resilience in regards to the splits and backbending, paying special attention to the correct application concerning the adult body.

The classes will be taught within the framework of the Modern Methods of Mobility system, which Emmet has developed over the years through self experimentation as well as his personal experiences in coaching his students via these strategies which he has selected among the most powerful techniques from an extensive and diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines.

The classes will be 3 hours each, and can be booked separately or as a pack.


Bridging the gap

Monday, 5th of December, 6pm to 9pm, Point A

This workshop is aimed at people that have a bridge, and are interested in taking their back bending to the next level. This will focus on bridging the gap between flexibility and contortion. We’ll look at how to increase back bending flexibility and how to progress towards contortion levels of flexibility safely.

Both stretching for the back and spine and strengthening exercises will be included. Moves and their progressions covered, Bridges, chest stands, triple-fold, limbers and walk overs.

Splits for the splitsless

Tuesday, 6th of December, 6pm to 9pm, Point A

This work shop is aimed at people who have a basic level of flexibilty and want to achieve the splits- Front and middle splits will be covered. It is also aimed at and suitable for coaches. We’ll be looking at the various regressions and then the correct progressions for the positions as well as providing various strategies for achieving them.


The classes are llimited to a maximum of 20 participants each. Please be sure to book your spot well in advance if you would like to participate. The tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis.

$100 AUD for one class
$150 AUD for both classes

For booking, please email [email protected].


Something to take notes, some water, comfortable clothes and your happy stretching face.