Indoor Parkour classes – now booking

We are excited to announce we are finally ready to teach fully fledged Parkour classes inside at Point A!

We are starting with ‘Fundamentals’ – a course of 6 classes that will run Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm. The cost will be $80 for the full 6 weeks. Places are limited – however if we fill up we are eager to run more time slots so let us know your preferences.

The first course starts April 11th. Second full at May 23rd start. Third now booking to start 4th July.

Book via [email protected] – or get in touch via Facebook or Phone.

Fundamentals will introduce any beginner to the world of Parkour in a progressive program designed to cover all the major movements and skills involved while remaining inside Point A. After you finish the 6 weeks we have several options for further learning, however you will also be equipped to continue training independently. We aren’t here to build a customer base, we’re here to build a strong Parkour community! The classes are taught by Australian Parkour Association qualified instructors who are members of the South Australian Parkour Association.

Unfortunately we aren’t accepting Kids (under 12) in this round of Fundamentals, but we are developing specific classes and training gear for the young folks. We work well with ages 15-50 for this course.

Click through here for more information on Parkour and Freerunning at Point A. We also have an interactive timetable of everything happening in our Movement Culture warehouse.

6 thoughts on “Indoor Parkour classes – now booking

  1. wow this looks amazing! im really inspired by your work and wonder if it might be a forum by which we might start some kid centered classes – i was secretly hoping to bring some 10+ yo kids to this.
    We have been doing circus classes but somehow the nature of their structure is making it too costly with little room for creative collaboration for the kids together. too much structure in other words! we are an ‘unschooling’ community so a little anarchistic by nature and like to be more free spirited. when would be a good time to drop by to talk about what we could do??
    thanks nicole

    1. We’ve sent a reply via email to you, thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Hi,

    The first time i heard about parkour and watched a video on you tube, I was thinking oh my god where can i sign up! this year at a chinese new year parkour streetshow. i took some basic lessons, afterwards the gave me a park our sa business card, that led me here via Facebook and i would like to enquire for a class.

    I’m 13 – and thinking that the first timers class – might be ok.
    April 29, 2013 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

    Could you get back to me by my email – what kind of shoes should I bring, can I bring friends?

    thanks Rory H

    1. We’ve sent a reply via email, cheers.

  3. OhMyGiles! I’ve always wanted to give parkour a go, but have never known where to begin my training. I currently go to a gym now, but this sounds perfect for beginners like me, I like the idea of it being a fitness thing but your also having fun at the same time, I cannot believe I was lucky enough to find this website, I’ll def be telling a few mates!

    1. Nice, check the latest news – we have another course starting in a week 🙂

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