Parkour Fundamentals – last course for 2014

Parkour Fundamentals is a 6 week ‘course’ of classes that will give you a solid foundation in Parkour and Freerunning. No minimum physical requirements and aimed at Parkour beginners. The program has been great at accelerating what took us years to learn into a few short weeks of knowledge and practice. If you have any questions we’ll happily answer them.

Last course for 2014 will run from October 30th through December 4th.

The classes run Thursday nights, at a slightly changed time of 5:45 -7:45pm.

Apologies for the delay between this and the previous course, we had the national Parkour gathering and a series of other commitments. We also took the time to rearrange how Thursdays work to introduce two more classes – a Teens class before Fundamentals and an Adults class afterwards. Both of these are ‘Basics’ classes – meaning they are for continuing students who have completed an introductory class like Fundamentals.

Full information on the Fundamentals course can be found here.

Book your place via – or get in touch via Facebook or Phone.

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  1. Details for the starting date of the next course, please.

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