Kids Parkour Classes

We are currently kid-proofing our training space, building kid-sized equipment, and dealing with the bureaucratic and legal hurdles of teaching kids. We hope to be running classes for ages 7-12 soon, and hopefully even younger after that. To sign up for news regarding these classes, email [email protected] and include “kids” in the subject heading.



5 thoughts on “Kids Parkour Classes

  1. Hi , Just was wondering when there will be a class beginning as my son is 12 and wishes to attend classes.

  2. Hey I’m 11 wishing to know how soon this will start

    1. Hi, we’re starting up our Thursday night general classes first, then moving to the Kids ones. We don’t have a date set yet, sorry!

  3. is this in toowoomba

    1. This is in Adelaide, South Australia

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