Beginner Parkour Course #2 booking now

After filling up very fast, we’re going to run another 6 week course right off the back of our first one wrapping up.

‘Fundamentals’ – a course of 6 classes that will run Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm. The cost will be $80 for the full 6 weeks. Places are limited – however if we fill up we are eager to run more time slots so let us know your preferences.

Now booking for May 23rd start. Book via [email protected] – or get in touch via Facebook or Phone.

Fundamentals will introduce any beginner to the world of Parkour in a progressive program designed to cover all the major movements and skills involved while remaining inside Point A. After you finish the 6 weeks we have several options for further learning, however you will also be equipped to continue training independently. We aren’t here to build a customer base, we’re here to build a strong Parkour community! The classes are taught by Australian Parkour Association qualified instructors who are members of the South Australian Parkour Association.

Unfortunately we aren’t accepting Kids (under 12) in this round of Fundamentals, but we are developing specific classes and training gear for the young folks. We work well with ages 15-50 for this course.

Click through here for more information on Parkour and Freerunning at Point A. We also have an interactive timetable of everything happening in our Movement Culture warehouse.

4 thoughts on “Beginner Parkour Course #2 booking now

  1. Just wondering if there are any clubs that are running down south by any chance?

    1. Hey Todd, sent you a reply via email 🙂

      For future reference there’s a Facebook group frequented by southern Adelaide people here:

  2. Hi can you let me know when you have a series for a 11yo ( 12 in oct) boy – loves all sport, skate boarding etc and would love to,have a go.
    Thanks. Xx

    1. Hi Amanda,

      If he’s got the right kind of attitude at that age he might get along ok in the Outdoor classes – see


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