Yoga classes ceasing

Sarvata Yoga (Dan) is unfortunately stopping the Yoga sessions at Point A. His note is below.

If you are the right experienced Yoga teacher we are eager to have something similar still involved in Point A, so contact us.

I have some disappointing news…

After much consideration I feel I’m going to have to cancel my Yoga classes at Point A.

I have recently started a new job as you know, as well as returning to uni, and I have also started teaching classes at a friend’s Pilates studio in Largs Bay. It seems my only option is to cancel the classes and free up some time to commit to my other current endeavours.

I’m really sorry to do this to you guys, and I really want to thank you both for your support and keeness in having me teach at Point A. I think you guys have started up something really speacial, and much needed in Adelaide, and I take my hat off to you both.

I still hope to be involved in Point A in some capacity, and continue my PT training, and if I somehow get my shit together over the next few months, we might see what happens about future classes.

We have loved having Dan involved, and his sessions will be missed.